Natural Medicine Practice

Established 1989.

Massage Therapy

Synthesized from numerous massage techniques and using appropriate vegetable oils, enter the world of total bliss and relaxation.
The difference between Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy is that there are no Essential Oils in Massage Therapy.

Vegetable Oil(s) used in massage for complete body relaxation.

Indian Head Massage
Neck and Shoulder basic massage
Full Neck and Shoulder massage
Chakra Balancing
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
Sciatica Technique
Emotional Trauma Release (See Case History (5)
Facial massage
Back Massage
Foot massage


When done properly you can uplift or sedate by altering the rhythm, speed and pressure of the sequences performed independent of the oils used, creating a feeling of well-being, peace and balance by its harmonious, rhythmic flowing nature. It provides a gentle cardio-vascular workout while at the same time being non-tiring and non-monotonous hence reducing strain and preventing RSI. It is quite unlike any of the 45+ massage techniques I have come across in the way the sequences are performed. Being a joy to watch, better to perform and absolute heaven to experience, it is easily my favourite massage technique. A few of its most rewarding uses are for: Lymphatic Drainage, Lethargy, Exhaustion, Stress, Tension, General Aches and Pains and for the Strengthening of the limbs.