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Indian head massage

Why do Indian Head Massage, it's quick, easy, do it anywhere, fun.

Relaxing, rejuvenating, refreshing, Gets rid of tension, eases headaches, improves bonding experience.

Started in ancient Indian since Ayurveda times, millennia ago and originally called 'Champak'
where women put scented oils in the Hair and massaging the oils in was a good way. Different areas and homes developed different Styles. It also lead to include the neck and Shoulders, arms, and back to further ease
Tension, stress and general aches, pains and Stiffness, because it was easy to apply and Pleasant to the receiver its popularity grew and spread.

Even now, one can go to almost any barber shop and request an Indian Head Massage in India. But many are changing to using hand held massagers for convenience.

Avoid in the case of serious head injury or surgery within 6 months, or open cuts, wounds or sores, infected areas.