Natural Medicine Practice

Established 1989.

Aromatherapy body massage

Essential oils blended to suit your individual needs used in massage usually with healing, colour, chakra balancing and sometimes with music therapy for your health and fitness.

The massage used is my own blend of the top massage techniques around that I have studied to date. The massages harmonious, rhythmic, flowing nature and varying the speed and pressure by which the sequences are performed, it can easily be adapted to the needs of the patient to sedate or stimulate as requested while strengthening the limbs. Pampering at its very best.

Excellent for getting rid of muscular tension, tiredness, lymphatic drainage, aches and pains, Asthma, Phobias, bad habits, weight problems, Sleep, Jetlag, among many others, please ask

Essential oil(s) specially blended with vegetable oil(s) to pamper to your needs. Whether a foot, back, face or full body massage it’s a heavenly treat, absolute bliss, with total relaxation for your mind body and soul.

Other options in aromatherapy are

Chakra Balancing,
Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
Sciatica Technique
Emotional Trauma Release (See Case History (5)
Facial massage
Back Massage
Foot massage